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* Come and see the Coins staff in Korbel attire on Saturday nights *



Stop in every Saturday for Korbel giveaways: T-shirts, Glassware, Glow Necklaces, Glow sticks, and of course drink specials.

\Make sure to ask your bartender!

Here are some of the current Korbel Specials....

  • $2.25 shots of XS all day every day. Try the best spiced brandy you've ever tasted...if you like Captain, you'll love XS!!!

  • Friday and Saturday are Old Fashioned nights: $3.50 for the best Korbel Old Fashioneds anywhere! Request it made with XS instead...same price, even more flavor!

  • $2.50 chilled shots of Korbel Brandy every Saturday

  • Try a Coins "XS Bomb" made with XS, energy drink and Squirt!